Stop Selling. Start Building.




Stop Selling. Start Building.

 You want to practice real estate 
for the rest of your life.

You're here because for some reason, you can’t think of ANYTHING you’d rather do than show property until 8:30 p.m., just to turn around the next day and prospect for sellers by knocking on doors in 90-degree heat. 

After giving listing presentations for years, you find them just as exhilarating as the very first time you sat down with an unreasonable seller. 

Growing as a leader, building a team of stellar folks around you and eventually firing yourself from day-to-day operations sounds like a lot of unnecessary effort and responsibility. 

...Who wants that kind of pressure? 

You like life in the trenches and want to stay a practicing real estate agent forever. Owning a successful business that makes money whether or not you’re in the office sounds like a pipe dream, and above all else, you are a realist. 


You don’t want more 
control of your time

Hey, remember the pitiful look your daughter gave you that time you were 30 minutes late for her soccer game . . . two weeks in a row? 

That was awesome. 

Oh, and how about the time you finally earned enough in commissions to feel OK about splurging on a family vacation to Hawaii . . . but you spent the whole trip glued to your phone, negotiating repairs and answering sign calls? Your significant other still won’t let you live that one down, yeah? 

It’s a good thing that your buyers and sellers know that they can call or text you at any hour of the night and you’ll usually answer. So they do, and you love them for it! 

Thank goodness your overflowing calendar is there to tell you what to do, stacked full of everything but time for yourself. 

That’s just fine by you, since you can’t really remember who you were and what hobbies you enjoyed before you became an agent anyway! 


 You’re already an ace at 
all areas of business

Since you’re already a 10 out of 10 when it comes to customer service, lead generation, and appointment conversion — why bother getting better? 

Should you get a wild hair and decide to build a team, it’s a good thing that you’re instinctively an amazing recruiter and know how to spot exactly the right talent. 

Because you’ve already mastered the technology arena by creating an easy to use, scalable database and back office process, you should definitely put your feet up. 

As a naturally gifted leader who, coincidentally, never ever misses the mark on expensive advertising campaigns, you’ve totally got this down. 


You’re not willing to 
invest in yourself

You work hard for your money and you’re going to spend every penny of your well-earned commissions however you want, damn it! 

You go, girl/guy! 

Building a financial cushion to protect you from market changes is for nervous nellies who don’t have faith in themselves to just make more money next quarter. 

Investing 90% of your returns back into the business seems foolish when you realize it would mean waiting another year or two to upgrade to the new Mercedes-Benz model. 

With 20-inch wheels and air-conditioned seats on the line, it’s pretty clear that you have to buy it right now.


You’re not 
__________ enough

This is the BIG one and my personal favorite because you can fill it in with anything you want! 

Can’t think of anything? 

Here are some suggestions: You didn’t finish college or pursue an MBA, so clearly you’re not educated enough to run a business. 

And even before that, let’s be honest; you weren’t exactly the ambitious kid with the lemonade stand, so obviously you aren’t cut out to be an entrepreneur. 

Come to think of it, you basically fell assbackwards into a career as a respected, productive agent, didn’t you? 

It’s not like your efforts and work ethic created that success, so we can add ‘not persistent enough’ to the list. 

You don’t totally understand how mortgage insurance works and sometimes can’t remember which box to check on that obscure addendum, so there’s all the proof we need that you’re not smart enough. 

Take into consideration the fact that you began your real estate career while already in your 40s and, well, it goes without saying that you’re not young enough, doesn’t it? 

If you’re still reading. 

I’m going to take that to mean that at least part of you wants MORE. 

Maybe you’re thinking that you want your life back. 

You genuinely miss your spouse, your friends, and hobbies. 

Maybe you want to create college funds for your kids and better sleep for yourself because you know that their futures are secure. 

Most agents looking to build a business start with my book

For our more advanced agents, you can check out the products tab at the top of this page for help that might better tailor to your needs. 

Thanks for reading, 
Chris Watters

P.S. - Don't forget, "stop trading your time for money, start building your business."






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