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In The Million Dollar Real Estate Team, you will find the most powerful road map for high-producing agents who want to expand their operations beyond what they could produce as sole operators.

The book covers the 3 main phases of business growth:
Part 1: The Early Climb Phase is for agents selling between 0 & 150 homes a year. In this section, we dive into building (or rebuilding) your early business. I break down the exact road-map I used to grow 300%+ in under 12 months.
Part 2: The Awkward Teenager Phase will break down the improvements and main areas to focus on for agents and teams selling between 150 & 300 homes a year. Here we focus on scaling, leadership and high volume tactics.
Part 3: The Explosive Growth Phase is when all heck breaks loose. By now, you've conquered countless small business obstacles yet your business model hasn't yet shown you the "light at the end of the tunnel". This book shows you how I found the light and jumped from 300 to 600 in another 18 months. 
- Awesome book!
"As a veteran agent of almost 24 years but a team lead for less than 7, I found this book to be outstanding. Even with the basic concepts that at first glance might be considered "review", I was able to pull some good nuggets to apply to my own situation. Watters is very transparent throughout and none of this is fluff or untested theory. I had 2 copies and gave one to another team owner in my office. I might regret that. :-) Definitely a fantastic read and comes with my highest recommendation."
- Christopher Cassidy (Amazon® Review)
- Thinking of Starting a Team? Read this
"This is an excellent book that literally gives you the "starting from scratch" instructions to kick off a multi-million dollar team. I have been on and run teams for the past 15 years and I think this is a better way for the new real estate market. I'm definitely putting some of these things into practice. I even bought a copy for another agent at my company t help them grow their team as well."
- Amazon Customer (Amazon® Review)
- Real Life Real Estate Team Struggles & Questions Answered
"Great book if you are building and growing a real estate sales team! These guys have been there and done it! This book answered a lot of the questions I had building my team. There is great solid advice in here. I even flew out from Miami, FL to visit and spend the day in their office to learn more from Chris & Bradly. Well written book."
- Michael(Amazon® Review)
- Blueprint for Success in Real Estate
"Watters gives you the blueprint for success in real estate in this book. He's spent millions in marketing dollars and fine tuned a system to help you move from single agent to mega producing team. It is broken down into easy to read and digest sections and contains specifics on technology and marketing that would take months or years and many many dollars to figure out. If you are looking to take your real estate career to the next level, get this book."
- Andrew Killingsworth (Amazon® Review)
- Game Changer in Real Estate
"This book is a GAME CHANGER!! With me being a real estate agent that is currently building a team purchasing this book was a no brainier. From the start of the book you quickly realize Chris Watters is sharing real life journey of building a million dollar business. It is full of insight on specific technologies, marketing and processes that are easy to follow step by step for growth. I can see myself reading multiple times at different stages of my career. Great book!"
- Kinsley (Amazon® Review)
- Timely, relevant and actionable content!
"This book is full of timely, relevant and actionable content that you will be compelled to put into practice before you even finish the book. It's clear that this information all comes from real-life experience and trial and error. If you are looking to propel yourself into a team or looking to build your team into an independent brokerage (or anything in between), you need to read this book today. You also get TONS of bonus material that is invaluable to your future success."
- Jonathan Greene (Amazon® Review)
- Practical takeaways, how-to's, tips, resources, principles - all in this book
"This book is full of practical takeaways. It isn't based on theory or fluff. Chris and Bradley took their team from zero to $1mil then wrote this book to share many of the takeaways and tips on how to avoid costly mistakes they made along the way. They do an excellent job of giving you the big picture direction and principles and also dive deep into the nitty gritty how-to coupled with exact product recommendations and resources."
- Chandler Crouch (Amazon® Review)
- Awesome book for team building!
"This book is different from other how-to books that clutter the real estate shelves. It actually provides you with a step-by-step plan to scale from nothing to something big, and provides specific tools and resources to get there. A lot of other resources about team building are big picture and theory, this will actually get you there real-world style! I've only had mine for just over a year and it's edges are turned over and tattered from so much use. Do it!"
- Amazon Customer (Amazon® Review)
- What a resource!
"I have been self employed as a broker, in the real estate industry, over 25 years. I wish I had a resource like this when I started. Today it has helped me grow my business. He includes specific where to go to and who to use today. For that I than you!"
- Robert (Amazon® Review)

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